Logger utility class.


  • Logger


  • new Logger(verbosity: number): Logger


DEFAULT_INSTANCE: Logger = new Logger(Logger.Verbosity.INFO)

Default logger instance.


  • debug(text: string): void
  • error(text: string): void
  • info(text: string): void
  • warn(text: string): void

Object literals

Verbosity: object

Log verbosity thresholds.

DEBUG: number = 0

All events are logged.

ERROR: number = 3

Only error events are logged.

INFO: number = 1

Only error, warn, and info events are logged. (DEFAULT)

SILENT: number = 4

No events are logged.

WARN: number = 2

Only error and warn events are logged.

Function symbol, f(📦) → 📦, where the argument and output are a box labeled 'glTF'.

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