For easier access to its library, glTF-Transform offers a command-line interface (CLI). The CLI supports many of the features of the @gltf-transform/lib package, and some general tools for inspecting and packing/unpacking glTF or GLB files.


npm install --global @gltf-transform/cli

Help output:

  gltf-transform 0.7.4 — Commandline interface for the glTF-Transform SDK.


    ▸ gltf-transform <command> [ARGUMENTS...] [OPTIONS...]

  COMMANDS — Type 'gltf-transform help <command>' to get some help about a command

                                         ──────────────────── 🔎 INSPECT ─────────────────────  
    inspect                              Inspect the contents of the model                      
    validate                             Validate the model against the glTF spec               

                                         ──────────────────── 📦 PACKAGE ─────────────────────  
    copy                                 Copy the model with minimal changes                    
    merge                                Merge two or more models into one                      
    partition                            Partition binary data into separate .bin files         

                                         ───────────────────── ✨ STYLE ──────────────────────  
    ao                                   Bake per-vertex ambient occlusion                      
    metalrough                           Convert materials from spec/gloss to metal/rough       
    unlit                                Convert materials from metal/rough to unlit            
    center                               Centers the scene at the origin, or above/below it     
    sequence                             Animate nodes' visibilities as a flipboard sequence    

                                         ──────────────────── ⏩ OPTIMIZE ────────────────────  
    dedup                                Deduplicate accessors and textures                     
    gzip                                 Compress the model with gzip                           
    etc1s                                Compress textures with KTX + Basis ETC1S               
    uastc                                Compress textures with KTX + Basis UASTC               


    -h, --help                           Display global help or command-related help.           
    -V, --version                        Display version.                                       
    -v, --verbose                        Verbose mode: will also output debug messages.         

Function symbol, f(📦) → 📦, where the argument and output are a box labeled 'glTF'.

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